Something to know about us.

Vasari Natural Wall Plaster is the most beautiful, luxurious and affordable wall finishes available. Also known as Venetian Plaster, it is composed of finely crushed marble, aged lime & natural pigments to give you a wall finish that is closest to nature. 

Vasari products are crafted for interior and semi-exterior use with unmatched beauty, versatility and ease of use. Available in different texture, sheen or colour, Vasari wall finishes can be compared to finely polished marble, soft satin, or traditional rustic stucco. 

Vasari wall plaster is not a faux finish. With our products made from the finest raw materials with the highest environmental standards, Vasari wall finishes are natural, lime-based, eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and breathable. Not to mention that it is also luxurious yet affordable.


Our Story.

Vasari was started by Alex Conrad for his love of art, architecture, history, design and good living. His passion for venetian plaster and stucco began when he lived in several European countries for about 7 years studying plaster application, design and traditional building practices.

The desire to create a beautiful Venetian plaster of his own surfaced when he observed the lack of distinctiveness in paint despite the fact that lime and marble plasters have been used for thousands of years and were recognized for their beauty, feel and longevity.

He decided that it could be done in the U.S. for better prices and better quality than in Europe. He started obsessively mixing thousands of formulas of plaster until he made something he knew was perfect, natural and beautiful.

In 2003, Vasari was founded, providing beautiful plasters to humble homes, mansions, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, hospitals and much more. While Vasari is headquartered in Ventura California, today it has showrooms in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Miami, Africa and Manila, Philippines. It is also now available in Malaysia through the exclusive distributorship of CAO Industries Sdn.Bhd one of the leading lime and wall plaster manufacturer in Malaysia.

Working Hours

Monday – Sunday : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Contact Information

Address: #66, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (245)., Chomkamorn, Phnom Penh. 
Tel: 089 202 005 / 070 536 888